Hermine Van Dijck

The weaving

All the pieces in this webstore are handwoven by Hermine in her weavingworkspace based in Antwerp (BE). Her scandinavian weavinglooms and her colorful collection of yarns are the heart of the studio. Every piece is woven by hand with love, and finished with the greatest care.

Be aware that weaving is a slow proces, it sometimes take days before we can prepare a warp, weave and finish one single product.

Preparing a warp can take 1 or 2 full days before the weavingloom is ready for weaving. Weaving and finishing a product can take several hours as well. That's why studio Hermine Van Dijck prefers making unique pieces that will just be produced once. This gives a handwoven product extra value, and gives it a personal touch.

Therefore it is impossible for us to offer you a million different products at the same time. That’s why the webshop will be updated from time to time with new handwoven products. Have a look on instagram and facebook to keep yourself posted about the new updates.

All handwoven designs are produced by Hermine Van Dijck. And are protected by copyright.

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